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Here you will find a list of every freebie, course, spreadsheet that I currently offer in my business

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Tech Tools

Tools of the Trade

A list of the tools I use in my business and have used in others businesses that have been a game-changer for their efficiency and productivity

How to prepare for a VA worksheet

Prepare your biz for a VA

VA's (Virtual Assistants) can really help your business and free up your time. This will help you prepare your business to be ready

Time Tracker

Time Tracker Freebie

You can't save it if you don't know how you spend it. Use my time-tracker freebie to start taking control of your time.

Task Organization Worksheet

Task Organization Tool

Feeling overwhelmed by tasks is a common occurrence, use this simple Google Sheet tool to help organize them by repeating, 1-time and project-based tasks.


Mission / Vision / Values Worksheet

Want to try out Airtable but unsure what it can do? Check out our FREE Airtable Business Hub Template

Free Business Hub

Airtable business hub template (FREE)

In order to thrive, every business needs that north start to guide them. Find yours with my Mission/Vision/Values worksheet

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Airtable Templates

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VIP Day Airtable Base

Business Hub
Airtable Template

My Airtable business hub is the central place where you can find EVERYTHING you need, organized in a simple way. My most popular template.

VIP Day Airtable Base

VIP Day Template Airtable

Imaging being able to plan, organize, and execute your VIP day's in one place. This template has everything down to payments.

CRM Notion & Airtable (2)

Special Collaboration
CRM/Leads Template
Airtable & Notion

Your choice of Lead Management system, in Notion OR Airtable. Developed as a collaboration with a Notion Certified Expert.

Recruitment Tracker

Recruiter Applicant Tracker - Airtable

Developed from working with multiple recruitment agencies on similar projects. This keeps all your clients, applicants and stages organized.

CRM Notion & Airtable (1)

Special Collaboration Recruitment Tracker Airtable & Notion

Recruitment Tracker, with everything you need to hire the best. Developed as a collaboration with a Notion Certified Expert.

CRM Notion & Airtable (1)

ClickUp Business Hub

The ultimate Business Information Hub within the ultimate Project Management tool. If you use ClickUp, this is for you