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How I can help

Take Control of Your Business.

Ana’s Simple Solutions helps fledgling enterprise businesses take control of their operations and projects through strategic planning, project management (ClickUp) and tech integrations.

This allows CEO’s and DOO’s  like you to streamline, scale and run their business…. Instead of their business running them.

Organize all the pieces

We get it, running your business is a passion, but it has so many moving parts it becomes hard to see the forest through the trees.

The reason you got into business, the reason you put yourself, your services and your products out there is to make life better for others and yourself.

Save time and stress

The reality: You are stressed out and overwhelmed, working too many hours, fixing too many mistakes, and are unable to hire and keep quality employees that are committed to your business.

You have all the “right” tools and technology, but there is no system for them to work together effectively and no central point of management.

It’s time to calm that chaos.


Operations Strategist and
Clickup Consultant

Let organize your business with processes and systems so you can save time, stress and your team can work more effeciently.

Quick-Up Consultation
(1:1 Deep Dive):

Are you using ClickUp and confused by all the possibilities?

Schedule a quick-up consultation for a 1:1 deep dive of your system to help you become more streamlined, organized and profitable.

Simple Path to Success (Strategy Sessions):

You have the plans. You have the desire. You have no idea how or when to get it all done and you are driving your right-hand (wo)man to the brink.

This 3-part intensive will deep dive into your mission and plan that path to success for the next 4 quarters.

Project Management (Setup + Integration):

You have purchased ClickUp and either need help setting it up for your business or integrate it for your employees.

I will plan, outline your processes and decide on the best ClickUp setup to be used by your business as well as integrate it with your existing systems.

Let’s get to know one another…

I’m Ana, at Ana’s Simple Solutions. I am an Operations Strategist and a ClickUp consultant.

I am a data-driven, tech-savvy process geek who thinks in lego blocks and dominoes.

I love to talk nerdy about systems and processes and deep dive into data management and integrations. Organized businesses get me jazzed and excited.

My kick-ass clients are at the cusp of scaling up (and possibly out) of their business, but missing the operational piece that ties it all together and makes it run like a well-oiled machine. 

Using ClickUp as my preferred project management tool, I dig deep, map out (and implement) the strategy and processes for them to take that next step and get past that growth plateau. 

Nothing feels greater than a client who soars after my work with them.

Certifications: Certified DOO. ClickUp Consultant.  

Why ClickUp and Airtable

The best project management toolset

Because you need the WHAT (your business data) and the HOW (your business processes) working together to create efficient systems that will eliminate the everyday chaos of running your business.


Is the central hub of all of your operations. One place to find everything


Cost-effective but hasthe capabilities of tools much more expensive


Clickup can be completely modified to fit YOUR business


Can hold multiple types of data and tie them together


Save time will the ability to create tasks with preset task parameters

User Friendly

Powerful yet easy to understand due to the multiple ways you can build things

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