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Distraction for work at home moms

Managing distractions as a work from home mom with ADHD

Discovering the essential strategies for ADHD mompreneurs to conquer distractions and boost your work-from-home efficiency in this blog We off practical tips, balancing parenting, and professional responsibilities with a blend of understanding ADHD, structured planning, and utilizing time-saving and tools to help out.

Productivity Systems for ADHD

The Ultimate ADHD Productivity System: ClickUp & Airtable

Yes, an ADHD productivity system can be customized to fit individual needs. Remember that everyone with ADHD experiences unique challenges and preferences, so it’s important to have a system that can be tailored to address specific needs throughout the team to manage time, tasks and priorities. I recommend ClickUp along with Airtable.

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Organize your CRM

Facebook Email LinkedIn Organize Your CRM: A Step-by-Step Guide You know it’s time to organize your CRM. You know that