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We help you take the chaos out of your business by strategizing, simplifying, organizing, executing using ClickUp and Airtable.

Are you constantly overwhelmed by all of your ideas? You have all the motivation, but can’t seem to move forward quickly enough to hit your goals? Are you working all the time, but feel you are on the giant treadmill of life, running as fast as you can, but not getting anywhere?

There is a better, clearer, SIMPLER way


How we can work together

Simplify & Conquer

Have an interest in working with me to uplevel your operations, productivity and turning your ADHD into your business superpower? This 90 minute deep dive session with our certified DOO and tech expert is where you start. This is the first step of any of the work we do together because 1. it is FUN and 2. It is where we dive into the details of what you do and who you serve and the steps it takes to get there. Learn more or go ahead and schedule! 


Running into ClickUp or Airtable problems or having some issues getting what you want out of these monster tools? Let’s find a simple way to get what you need and get you moving toward productivity. This is a mini-VIP session to specifically answer your questions and get you moving.

VIP Experience - Operations (Featuring ClickUp and Airtable)

Looking to organize your business and your team with 1:1 service in just a few days Then apply for our VIP Experience where we transform your business in less than a week. 

Simplify your Systems

Eliminate the systems overwhelm for good.  The key to upleveling is to truly understand your processes and tech to streamline and simplify using ClickUp and Airtable

Simple Path to Success

You have the ideas and plans but can’t sort out what to start first. Let’s sit down and hash it out so you end up with an actionable plan and forward momentum. This is a Strategic Mapping for the next 4 quarters of your business


Imagine a VIP day for your Project Management….. Except for a smaller pricepoint and time commitment!
This is an hour long focused session on your personal ClickUp setup and includes:
A questionnaire that deep-dives into your current ClickUp Setup, how you utilize it and how you WANT to utilize it.
An hour-long session where we walk through your ClickUp on screen and identify the three categories of efficient Project Management use
A copy of our meeting with transcription for easy searching
A wrap-up document that includes your current setup, suggestions for the future, and mini-training videos for anything specific we didn’t have time to go over in our session.


Simple Path to Success

You are motivated, creative, and jazzed by your business and what it can do for others, but you are having a hard time keeping all the pieces together, you feel like you are taking 2 steps forward and 1 step back and you are constantly running at a sprint pace just to keep up. 

Why aren’t you hitting your goals? You want to know.

This is the clarity you have been craving.

Building a profitable business is no small feat, it takes hard work, ingenuity, and a drive that won’t give up, but it doesn’t have to be complicated.

Our 3-sessions of 1.5 hours, will help identify the Simple Path you will lead your business down over the next 6-12 months to achieve your vision in alignment with your business mission and values.

Simplify your Systems

Does your project management tool feel like just something ELSE to manage? Are you constantly looking for project status, what needs to be done next, important documents related to servicing your clients? Do you spend more than 30 minutes a day organizing what needs to be done that day and getting status updates from your team?

You are no longer running your business…. Your business is running you. ClickUp and Airtable is your solution.

I have worked in many different database and Project Management tools in my 25 years of corporate experience. Out of all of them, I find that ClickUp brings the most impact for the money, and they are constantly improving. Airtable, a database tool for small businesses works with ClickUp

Looking for someone to help you set up the most efficient system for YOUR business?

VIP Experience

Are you looking to hit the ground running? Do you want to free up your time and have your Project Management and Data Management well in hand? My VIP Day is designed to help those over-busy neuro-divergent CEO’s gain their focus and productivity through simple systems setup in ClickUp and Airtable. 

ClickUp is fantastic and project management, operations dashboards and communicating projects and tasks.
Airtable is THE best small business database system that can pull together all the pieces of your business in one central place. Put them together and you have a powerful way to save 25-50% of time wasted in mis-communications, searching for details or sending emails. 

This done in a day service will implement your processes and data pieces in a simple and understandable way to increase your teams productivity and provide that sense of ease in your business. 

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