Airtable Simplified

Stop spinning your wheels and get the plan to become efficient, effective and start kicking some a$$ in Airtable in just 90 minutes

"Productivity is being able to do things that you were never able to do before."

Hi, I'm Ana Natkins a Certified Director of Operations, ClickUp and Airtable expert and master of systems optimization

As a productivity super-nerd, I offer multiple VIP Days for business owners like you when you are ready to feel in control of your business

I have helped clients over the past 3 years systemize, automate and make their business “EASY” with simple and effective systems and organization. They are now able to enjoy their business and make a difference in the lives of their clients without dealing with the stress and chaos of day-to-day operations.

As an entreprenuer and mother of neuro-spicy children, and recently diagnosed myself, I relate to those clients that feel overwhelmed. I thrive on harnessing this superpower for my clients and making them shine.

Sounds good…. But what is it REALLY like to work with you?
I would love to tell you. Check out what my clients have to say!

Making my ADD brain work for business is both a blessing and a curse. Even though I'm very well attuned to knowing what my project management and data should look like, as a CEO of a busy scaling program for Marketing agencies, I don't have the time to actually implement it. With Ana's Simple Solutions VIP day I was able to get everything that I needed to get done efficiently and effectively. We were able to truly operate at the level we needed as a growing business. I was able to have visibility on all my tasks and high-level views of what everyone was doing. You know that the team was getting the job done and meeting deadlines. I knew where I needed to go in the system to go and review everything so I could not be the bottleneck anymore. Ana has not only met me where I'm at but she's also expanded the operations and helped me scale. She has allowed my brain to flow by making all of our communication, and tech work flow and ensuring the sustainability of our business as a whole. I am the kind of person that needs everything organized and lined up or my brain can't flow and get the things done I need done.
Juliana Marulanda
CEO - Scaletime

It’s time to say goodbye to being stressed out and overwhelmed.
Running a business doesn’t have to be an anxiety roller coaster.