Create a Business Hub with Airtable


Do you feel like your business is a chaotic mess ??


Do you not know where anything, or any project is at any point in time? Are you constantly putting out fires and feel as if you can never get ahead? You need a business hub. My preferred tool for building these is Airtable. 

Let’s discuss…… 

In my first ever YouTube video. I talk about how and why I created my own business hub and many of my clients within Airtable.
I have used many tools in my years in business, inside and outside of corporate America. I have always been drawn to spreadsheets with columns and rows because of the way they relate to one another and how organized it is.

Before I even knew what an Executive Business Hub was, I would organize all of my links, information, and even some passwords (which I DONT recommend now) in a Google sheet with lots of tabs and separate sections. It worked for a while, until I saw what Airtable could do. (More on that in future blogs).

Long story short. An Executive Hub is like a table of contents for your business.


It is a place where you have all of your important information including Links, Data, important dates, and contact information. The idea itself isn’t novel, but finding a consistent place to store it and access it is.

Watch my video on YouTube and check out my Executive Hub Template link below 🙂


You can find some of the bullet points below in my video as well!

  • Creation of a Business Hub
  • All the things in business that a business needs access to 
    • Product/offer information
    • Team information
    • Quick Links
    • Important Documents
    • Courses and Notes
    • Staff Team directory
    • SOP List
    • Goals for the organization
    • Tech stack
  • How to create an executive hub in airtable
  • Organization and Visualization makes it even more powerful


If you want to see a great use-case for ClickUp, check out my Executive Hub used in the video. This is an excellent tool for all CEO’s or anyone running their own or someone else’s business. 


Check out my Executive Hub Airtable template! (What you see in the video!) 


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