Planning your life, one priority at a time

Are you tired of missing things that you love in life?


I know I am.

As a mom, a business owner, and a neurodivergent female, I have struggled to reach any long-term goals because my attention is constantly pulled in a million directions. 

Anyone out there feel the same?

distracted female

Well, I’m going to share with you how I am changing the script in 2023 by going through my goal-planning strategy (or habit-creation strategy) that I went through to not only plan for my business, but for my LIFE. 

Think of your life in the following four areas 

Self-Care / Personal Health / Financial / Creative 

These will give you a good round view of all parts of your life that can be optimized or improved.

Write out what you imagine your “perfect day” to be like. This is not about your perfect vacation or a respite from the every day, but how you imagine living your life, earning your money, and choosing the people you are around.

This “perfect day” is your life intention, at least at the present moment. There will be pieces of it that you can pull out and identify as being geared toward self-care (meditation, yoga, massages), personal health (exercise, healthy eating, etc.), Financial (not having to worry about money, able to plan a long weekend away with the family) and creative (writing a book, painting a sunset, you name it).

Each of these intentions can help you identify the “goals” or the “finish lines” that you need to cross within the next year to get you a few steps closer to your intentions.

Watch my YouTube video for more details 👇


Check out my Goal Planning Template! (What you see in the video!) 


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