Planning your week and calendar scheduling

“Ughh. I feel like I have no time in the week.”


I am willing to bet that you say this to yourself from time to time. Or maybe even daily.


As a mom of two boys, wife, and business owner… I said that to myself A LOT.

Once I realized and started to operate with the mindset that every goal I had for the week needed a plan of action ahead of time, I finally felt like I could manage life.

Take a listen to my latest Youtube video that just dropped this week because it is all about weekly planning, how to use Airtable to plan your week, and as always, productivity for the busy neuro-divergent entrepreneur.

Watch my YouTube video for the six steps that I use to plan my week with Airtable. 👇


Don’t forget to grab my Goal Planning Template! (What you see in the video!) 


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